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Check out the video of my GoPro footage and pictures by clicking the pictures or click here

This was a first time experience for both me and my dad. We were 1000ft in the air at the highest point during out parasailing adventure outside of Seattle, WA area. I have a fear of heights, but flying and being in the Space Needle for example are fine because I feel safe enclosed in a structure so this was a whole new experience of HEIGHTS!

AND WHAT a view! We saw beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and of near by islands. We had gorgeous weather and we heard it will be the last few days of 80 degree weather for Seattle….SCORE!  As we were getting higher into the sky I had to do big stomach breaths to center myself and then I really enjoyed the time “flying” as long as my dad didn’t do anything crazy to shake us! There was one point in particular that I cut out of the video (because I screamed so loud) where the wind really pulled on us as were we mid-turn and we both felt it in our gut! The good news with parasailing it that if the boat ever stopped working you wouldn’t free fall down. It would just be a nice float into the chilly north pacific ocean bay! SO nothing to be fearful of right?! (;

Take some risks, do what scares you and it can be so rewarding once you face your fears. Additionally that fresh air 1000ft up is quite powerful! 


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